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Zalizny Port Black Sea Resort

Zalizny Port (Zhelezny Port or "Iron Port") is a popular local resort in Kherson region. It is situated in steppe zone and borders with the Black Sea coast. It is 95 km drive from Kherson. The air in Zalizny Port is rich for iodine and bromine due to the mixing of steppe and sea air masses. Its climate is moderately continental with hot summer, which is felt milder than in a city because of the proximity of the resort to the Black sea. Zalizny Port is located far from industrial areas, so it has kept healthy ecology.

Zalizny Port Resort

The history of Zalizny Port began in 1922. According one of the versions, the place got its name from the iron pier which ran by 100 meters into the Black sea. The pier was used to load small ships with fish and grain. Later on, with the gradual approach of the sea to the land, the pier turned up far from the shore and was swallowed by the waves of the Black sea.

Zalizny Port Resort

The other version says that there was a barn with an iron roof used for storage of grain intended for shipment, and the sailors who saw the barn from the ships gave the village the name of Zalizny Port.

Zalizny Port Resort

In 2014, the resort gained all-Ukrainian popularity due to the fact that Crimean beaches were lost for Ukraine.

"Stambul" Restaurant and Disco-club, Zalizny Port

Zalizny Port is so popular among Ukrainians and foreign tourists (mostly from the CIS countries) because of its wide sandy beaches, deep open sea and abundance of entertainment facilities. Today about 300 hotels, boarding houses, recreation centers and guest houses open their doors for the guests. Groceries, trays with manufactured goods, pharmacies, cafes, bars, discotheques, nightclubs and other establishments are concentrated mainly along the shore interspersed with private boarding houses and hotels. Waterpark is located right at the beach. Along the whole coast there are recreation areas equipped with sun loungers and canopies.

"Favorit" Holiday House<
"Favorit" Holiday House, Zalizny Port

The admission to all beaches in Zalizny Port is free of charge and prices for food and services are twice or more lower than in Crimean resorts. Zalizny Port is quite close to the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve: the distance from the outskirts of the resort to the border of the reserve is less than 500 meters.

"Veranda" Restaurant
"Veranda" Restaurant, Zalizny Port

One can also book excursions to Askania-Nova Natural Reserve (one of the wonders of Ukraine), hot "Geyser" or other places of interest in Kherson region.

"Solnechnyi Bereg" Holiday House
"Solnechnyi Bereg" Holiday House, Zalizny Port


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